Top Takeaway from Bluewolf’s Exec Forum: Customer Service & Marketing are the New Power Couple

POSTED BY Leslie Miller

Last week, Bluewolf hosted a breakfast briefing alongside and IPC Media. The resounding theme of the day—the impending merge of Marketing and Customer Service.

The best and brightest from each company’s EMEA team joined Bluewolf for a morning of discussion and collaboration. Did you know, 73% of customers will spend more because of a good service history? In today’s market, that means delivering a personalised and positive experience, in their channel of choice.

The melding of Customer Service and Marketing provides a consistent user experience across all company touchpoints. For businesses, where it costs 3x the resources to acquire a new customer than to retain one, this could mean the difference between success and failure.

Below are three takeaways from the event:


  • Customer Service and Marketing are merging
    Did you know that 60% of the purchasing decision is made before speaking with an organisation's representative? Marketing plays a critical role in shaping your brand and must work with the Customer Service department to fully understand your customer’s feedback. Marketing and Customer Service should be working together to design more focused customer experiences and personalised services based on each customers unique profile and history.
  • Social Customer Service should be owned by the Contact Center
    Have you heard of the story of when United Airlines broke a customer’s guitar? Well, the customer posted a video on YouTube and it went viral, garnering over 13 million views. Failing to communicate via social is now potentially more damaging than ignoring phone calls or emails. Currently, only 30% of companies respond to social posts, but it’s never too late to get started.
  • Knowledge is a powerful tool for both Service and Marketing
    Organisations have to understand the customer journey. It is crucial to know your customer’s behaviour and respond to them in the appropriate way. Every department has a responsibility to the customer, but Marketing and Customer Service play a uniquely powerful role for customer engagement. 

Download the full presentation from Bluewolf,, and IPC Media. If you’d like more information on any of the slides let us know

For more information about building an integrated Customer Service or Marketing solution, reference the guides below.



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