Why Oustanding Customer Service Is About More Than Just Technology


Excelling at customer service, as simple as it may seem, is a near impossible feat without effective governance. As new technological tools designed to help businesses better engage with their customers are continually emerging, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Take a few steps back before you purchase a solution, and critically examine whether it will deliver actual value.
To avoid drowning in the sea of available tools, it’s important to keep your focus on your core purpose: providing outstanding customer service. You can initiate this by dedicating a team to listen and respond to buzz about your brand — your focus should always be on maximizing customer engagement via effective technologies, rather than the technology itself. In this way, governance is crucial while onboarding new technologies, as it helps to integrate new tools into your organisation's existing processes. Here are three key components to deliver outstanding customer service:

  1. Maximize internal adoption
    Provide your team the necessary training and resources to master new social listening technologies such as Radian6, BuddyMedia, or Social.com. Proactivity in encouraging your team to learn new tools will enhance their professional skill set, and help to hone their expertise, which, ultimately, improves the quality of your end users’ experience with your brand. In this way, employee engagement correlates directly to customer engagement; increasing one will consequently raise the other.
  2. Gain customer insight
    Whether you are a B2B or B2C organization, someone is always your end customer. To facilitate quality customer service, you need tools to gather customer information in order to gain insight into the strong and weak points of your customer service practices. By deploying a social listening tool, you can gain a fuller, deeper understanding of your customers' habits, interests, and desires, rather than basing your customer service strategy off of assumptions.
  3. Integrate customer feedback
    Quickly assess the information you receive, and then leverage these insights to hone your marketing campaigns or other endeavours. Responding to customer feedback and acting on customer insight will bring invaluable benefits to your organization. As you practice this, over time your customers will take notice of your responsiveness to their needs. They will engage with your brand more and more, because they are aware of your interest in providing ideal experiences for them.

The most important decision in a sea of infinite possibilities, is where to begin. Start by assessing your company's current customer service processes to map out short-term and long-term goals. This will provide a technology-agnostic view of the efficacy of your processes, as well as the impact of your customer service practice. Integrating new technologies seamlessly into your existing customer service can be a daunting task — but ultimately, it will prove to be worthwhile when your consistent, outstanding customer service builds enduring customer relationships.

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