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Bluewolf Announces Winners for its First Global Customer Innovation Awards
Bluewolf Innovation Award

Australia Post, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, and T-Mobile USA, Inc. recognized for excellence in business transformation through digital technology.

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2015 CRM predictions to fire up customer success and growth

Nearly every company is working towards a digital frontier and as we close out 2014, it’s important for companies to reflect on the strategic initiatives that will impact and accelerate customer success and business results for 2015. Innovation continuity is especially imperative in today’s changing business landscape and I predict several growth areas that, in my view, should be prioritized to lead enterprise transformation in the coming year, including:

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Bluewolf Launches Inaugural UK Edition of ‘The State of Salesforce’ Report

UK Research Uncovers Growing Investments in Multi-Cloud, Salesforce1, and Predictive Analytics to Drive Digital Innovation, Customer Experiences, and Business Outcomes

Bluewolf News
Bluewolf Launches Inaugural Australian Edition of ‘The State of Salesforce’ Report

Australian Research Uncovers Growing Investments in Multi-Cloud and Analytics to Drive Digital Innovation, Customer Experiences, and Business Outcomes

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Bluewolf Joins New Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem to Drive Engagement Through Actionable Customer Insights

Bluewolf's Analytics Practice Aligns With the Power of Salesforce Analytics Cloud, to Help Enterprises Identify Meaningful Data From Any Device

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Three Vital Steps for Effective Email Marketing

For too long, marketers have taken the easy way out: emailing every campaign to their entire database. Though simple to execute, such a "batch and blast" approach no longer works in a world where each email competes with thousands of digital, mobile, and social messages. It can be nearly impossible for your email to stand out and get noticed.

But there's good news. You can cut through the clutter by creating personalized email campaigns that are relevant—sometimes irresistible—to the people you are trying to reach.

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Engaging with staff and rewarding achievement pays off

The technology industry’s workforce has a distinct character: well-educated, young, savvy, flexible and in demand. The industry itself is agile and constantly evolving and this is the same mindset management needs to retain the talent.

But how does this translate into practical, everyday strategies?

Arlene Wherrett
The CMO-CIO relationship: a powerhouse for digital transformation

CMOs and CIOs share an end goal, but that doesn’t mean harmonious cooperation comes easily. Arlene Wherrett expands on her first post to explain how the two leaders can become as intertwined as the business technology they govern.
At its core, marketing is about communicating, and in today’s hyper-connected world, communicating is about technology.

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Australia Post personalises contact centre engagements

Most recently, Australia Post has been implementing a digital approach to its logistics and delivery solutions to cope with the decrease in traditional letter deliveries. Now, the postal delivery organisation has taken a similar approach to enhancing customer service in its call centres.

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54% des clients de Salesforce utilisent au moins deux de ses clouds

Les utilisateurs de augmentent leurs investissements dans la mesure de l'engagement client, montre l'édition 2014-2015 de l'étude « The State of Salesforce », réalisée par Bluewolf. Alors que s'ouvre DreamForce 2014 à San Francisco, on y voit aussi l'importance croissante prise par les équipes marketing, de même que l'adoption rapide la plateforme Salesforce1 Mobile App lancée l'an dernier.



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