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Bluewolf Announces Producer360, a Salesforce Fullforce Certified Solution for Insurance Carriers

Integrated Analytics Enhances Insurance Carrier Productivity and Collaboration Across Distribution Networks 

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Achieving effective mobile business strategy for CMO success

Mobile is the single largest disrupter to hit the enterprise, and has fundamentally changed how businesses and customer interact. But have we underestimated a potential perfect storm bubbling under the radar?

How many companies can safely say marketing and sales are working simultaneously, that their departments are actually speaking to each other on a regular basis and that their data is integrated to tackle the mobile opportunity?

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7 Deadly Sins of a Transaction-Based Company

We’ve entered a new era where the traditional predictors of growth — productivity and efficiency — no longer suffice. Today, customers hold the cards, driving the sales process and how they interact with your brand. If companies truly want to accelerate their business growth, they need to know their customers as people, not transactions, before they can drive deeper engagement.

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Relation client : les 7 péchés capitaux des entreprises

Nous sommes entrés dans une ère dans laquelle les indicateurs de croissance traditionnels – la productivité et le rendement – ne suffisent plus. De nos jours, les clients détiennent le pouvoir, dirigent le processus de vente ainsi que la façon dont ils interagissent avec votre marque. Si les entreprises veulent réellement accélérer la croissance de leurs activités, elles doivent connaître leurs clients en tant que personnes, et non en tant que transactions. C’est un prérequis à toute démarche de fidélisation.

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Introducing the Finalists for MarketingProfs' Second Annual Bright Bulb B2B Awards
Bright Bulb Award

Bluewolf announced as finalists for MarketingProfs' Second Annual Bright Bulb B2B Awards.

Drumroll, please. And the winners are…

OK, so I can't exactly announce the winners—yet (we're still judging, after all)—but I can finally share this year's finalists for MarketingProfs' Bright Bulb B2B Awards.

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New Australian chief drives Bluewolf’s global expansion in mobile

Bluewolf’s new global head of mobile Patrick Bulacz is driving the company’s mobile business from his home base in Australia, and not from Bluewolf’s US headquarters. The availability of local Aussie talent is one of the major reasons for Bluewolf to leave Bulacz here in Australia to run its mobile business worldwide.

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Gamify your enterprise social network? It depends
Gamification Strategy

Gamifying internal and external collaboration was also what got users at New York-based global consultancy Bluewolf on board with Salesforce Chatter, according to Corinne Sklar, global chief marketing officer. When the firm's consultants uploaded content that their peers and clients shared and engaged with, they would get points; the platform also helped the consultants build their personal brands, she said.

Bluewolf News Rolls Out Mobile Tools With Sales Reach
salesforce mobile tools

The new offering continues’s work in modernizing the CRM by taking inspiration from cloud, mobile and social technology trends, Woollen said. It combines the company’s Pardot marketing software with the Sales Cloud and Communities social forum.

“We’ve identified and figured out a better way to tap into mobile-empowered buyers,” Woollen said, noting that 80 percent of purchase decisions are influenced by what is being messaged across mobile channels.

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There May Be More to Salesforce's RelateIQ Buy Than Meets the Eye
Salesforce RelateIQ

The purchase "provides Salesforce the advantage to optimize the point of customer interaction," said Glen Stoffel, vice president of agile business transformation at Bluewolf. "It's not about dashboards, it's about action -- giving customers the tools to uncover customer moments and actionable insights, and using data to predict future behavior and enhance the customer experience." will shell out US$350 million in common stock for relationship intelligence firm RelateIQ in a deal expected to close by October.

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Marketing's customer experience role causing friction with services teams
Customer experience

Panel of marketing and customer services support representatives claims a strong relationship between marketing and customer support is key to customer centricity.



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