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Salesforce’s new Heroku & Force tools let any Java dev create mobile apps
mobile applications bolsters their mobile offering with Heroku and

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Salesforce aims to speed up enterprise app development
salesforce mobile application

Salesforce looks to close the gap between enterprise mobile applications and their main platform offering.

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Salesforce cuts app development steps
salesforce mobile applications

The Salesforce Mobile Services makes it easier for its customers to link its apps to mobile services.

Bluewolf News Launches Platform Mobile Services
salesforce mobile application

Salesforce takes a step towards mobile by releasing a set of tools and frameworks aimed at making mobile development easier.

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FCR: Hitting a Home Run for Your Customer Service Team
customer service

First contact resolution (FCR) could be the metric that your call center is overlooking. Here's what you need to know:

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Trends to Watch: 12 Ingredients for Baking in Customer Loyalty
customer loyalty

Direct Marketing News polls business leaders for top tips in building and sustaining customer loyalty.

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Striking the Right Application Portfolio Balance
cloud computing

The improving economy has led many organizations to rediscover the value of smaller application vendors.



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