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Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Upset Customers (Infographic)

Customer engagement is a hot topic. SAP’s annual Sapphire Conference this past week emphasized the theme of how to better engage and understand customers to improve decision making. Why? Because businesses can’t risk unhappy customers.

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2014 Solution Provider 500 List

It's time once again for the Solution Provider 500, an annual listing of the largest integrators, service providers and IT consultants in North America, ranked by their 2013 solution provider services revenue. The list ranks the top revenue-generating technology integrators in the U.S. and Canada whose forward-thinking approach to the channel has helped them evolve and thrive in today’s cloud and services-driven IT era. The list spans eight categories from hardware and software sales, to managed IT services. Bluewolf placed #156 in the annual ranking.

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The 1st InsideView B2B Marketing Influencers List [Infographic]

Bluewolf CMO, Corinne Sklar, is on the Watchlist for Inside View's most influential B2B marketers list.

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Defined mobility strategies yield better ROI: Bluewolf

Don't try to 'boil the ocean,' advises Patrick Bulacz, Bluewolf CTO of APAC.

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Why Bluewolf Is Investing In Gamification

One of cloud integrator Bluewolf's biggest practice areas centers on Software-as-a-Service solutions for customer engagement, so it makes sense that the company apparently invests more than the average solution provider in building its brand both internally and externally.

It has long encouraged its employees to participate on social networks, both external ones such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as the internal solution built on technology that is used to manage sales, marketing and other operations activities.

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Nine things we learned from our 'merging IT and marketing' Q&A

We brought six marketing experts together last week to give their thoughts on the changing role of marketing, as technology continues to change the rules of the game. You can read the full live chat here – but below are the key lessons learned and consensuses reached.

1. CMOs and CIOs need to be more like each other as responsibilities overlap

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9 Ways to Improve Your Company's CRM System

Don't think of -- or use -- CRM as a standalone sales automation system.

"Too often, companies assume that CRM starts and stops with sales," says Glenn Burnside, executive vice president of Engineering at Headspring, a provider of tailored software solutions, including CRM.

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Bosses 'walking the walk' key to smooth technology adoption

By skimping on the change management process, companies run the risk of spending big on implementation, only to see their staff gradually return to less efficient ways of working.

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The Cat In The Hat Helps Bring Vodafone’s Customers Back

Vodafone enlists Bluewolf to execute its winning social media strategy.

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The merging of IT and marketing: what does it mean for marketers? – live Q&A

Join us and a panel of experts to discuss how technology is changing the role of marketers.



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