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Effective Mobile Business Strategy For The Win

It’s a no-brainer that mobile is one of the top disruptors currently affecting enterprise customer-business interaction. Mobile devices and apps are getting smarter, and capabilities like GPS, combined with customer data and analytics, are adding context and intelligence to mobile experiences. Cloud, social, and mobile are immediately available at customers’ fingertips, and the result is higher expectations and less patience with unsatisfactory service.

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Can re-engineer business IT?

Forrester believes corporate developers and system integrators will be drawn to the platform to develop new, mobile-ready enterprise applications.

For instance, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline used specialist IT services company Bluewolf to build a custom iPad application called "Koach". 

The application enables sales reps to search for information such as current research, sales tools, and suggested questions to ask doctors based on personality type. 

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Looks like that whole 'gamification' thing is over

Bluewolf's #GoingSocial program is a successful anomaly in gamification. Fortune Magazine details #GoingSocial's success in the context of ineffective gamification instances.

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How Bluewolf helps businesses become 'customer-obsessed'

Bluewolf may be one of the most influential partners around, but these days its mission is far broader: helping its client base deliver on the need to become more "customer-obsesssed."

So, while customer relationship management (CRM) projects are still core to its business, increasingly, Bluewolf's mantra and services team centers on how to enabled and optimize "customer engagement" at every touch point of the relationship – starting with marketing outreach and reaching deeper into the customer contact center.

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Outmoded insurance agency software gets customer-oriented upgrade

A customer service agent would need to consult perhaps four to six systems to come up with a consolidated view of the customer, noted Brock Hubbard, financial services practice director for Bluewolf, a business consulting firm and cloud integrator. And as insurers begin to obtain better information on customers, customers want more information from their insurance providers, he added.

"Customers expect more information that is truly educational and informational, rather than transactional," Hubbard said.

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Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Upset Customers (Infographic)

Customer engagement is a hot topic. SAP’s annual Sapphire Conference this past week emphasized the theme of how to better engage and understand customers to improve decision making. Why? Because businesses can’t risk unhappy customers.

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2014 Solution Provider 500 List

It's time once again for the Solution Provider 500, an annual listing of the largest integrators, service providers and IT consultants in North America, ranked by their 2013 solution provider services revenue. The list ranks the top revenue-generating technology integrators in the U.S. and Canada whose forward-thinking approach to the channel has helped them evolve and thrive in today’s cloud and services-driven IT era. The list spans eight categories from hardware and software sales, to managed IT services. Bluewolf placed #156 in the annual ranking.

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The 1st InsideView B2B Marketing Influencers List [Infographic]

Bluewolf CMO, Corinne Sklar, is on the Watchlist for Inside View's most influential B2B marketers list.

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Defined mobility strategies yield better ROI: Bluewolf

Don't try to 'boil the ocean,' advises Patrick Bulacz, Bluewolf CTO of APAC.

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Why Bluewolf Is Investing In Gamification

One of cloud integrator Bluewolf's biggest practice areas centers on Software-as-a-Service solutions for customer engagement, so it makes sense that the company apparently invests more than the average solution provider in building its brand both internally and externally.

It has long encouraged its employees to participate on social networks, both external ones such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as the internal solution built on technology that is used to manage sales, marketing and other operations activities.



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