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Identity Management is Key to Cloud Control for in 2013
Cloud, Identity Management

One of the most strategic initiatives that started in 2012 — with any eye towards achieving and maintaining control over the cloud in 2013 and beyond — is Salesforce Identity.

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Gamification Can Work — Just Don’t Hire A Game Designer

Gartner recently issued a press release that made the following provocative assertion: “Gamification is currently being driven by novelty and hype. Gartner predicts that by 2014, 80 percent of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives primarily because of poor design.”

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Bunchball shows off the ‘rock stars’ of gamification

Bunchball rolled out what it called the “rock stars” of gamification on Tuesday at an event in San Francisco. Gamification is a service that Bunchball offers to clients who want to use game-like mechanics to increase interest in non-game applications.

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World’s oldest thread supplier rolls out Salesforce globally
Salesforce CRM

Coats, a 230-year-old supplier of yarn and thread, which sells to the likes of Nike, Adidas and Tesco, is in the process of rolling out’s CRM application to sales representatives in more than 60 countries.

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This is the CIO, at your service
CRM consulting

Keeping customers smiling used to be the domain of the marketing department but in today's online, social media-centric world, do technologists need to have customer satisfaction as their primary goal? 

Bluewolf News's Complexity Brings CIOs, Partners Together
Salesforce consulting

CIO — When Republic Services sought to retool the systems supporting its national account team, the environmental services company selected as part of the overhaul—and soon after making that decision, Republic Services hired Bluewolf, a New York-based consulting firm and partner, for some deployment help.

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Cloud management required for maximum ROI, claims Bluewolf

Research reveals cloud projects are stalling due to lack of ongoing oversight

Up to 80 per cent of companies are not achieving maximum ROI from cloud due to a lack of ‘cloud governance’ strategy.

So claims the a report entitled The State of Salesforce 2012-2013 Annual Review, which was carried out by consultancy Bluewolf and surveyed 300 global users of CRM software-as-a-service provider Salesforce to find out the main challenges they currently face with regard to cloud technologies.

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Bluewolf Rewards Employees for Going Social

Social media has become an increasingly important way for employees to collaborate with one another. At the same time, individual social profiles now often serve as advertisements for a company to outsiders, showing off what its team members have to offer potential clients. With this in mind, global consulting firm Bluewolf launched a campaign to get its employees more engaged on their social networks.

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Mobile CRM Strikes Geolocation Gold

Many sales force automation applications allow users to pull up contacts based on location. However, newer-generation applications and integrations are becoming more creative with that model, thanks to geolocation. The most ubiquitous use case, though, is marketing -- especially in the retail environment. That said, a surprising number of retailers do not have this functionality.

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Cloud Case Study–Bluewolf

While at DreamForce recently I took the opportunity to sit down and talk with BlueWolf a business process and strategy consultancy that does a lot of work with mid sized and enterprise customers helping them move their IT to a more agile way of doing things. BlueWolf has some 3000 customers across tech, financial services and media and has, for the past 12 years or so, its 700 or so consultants have been focused on three distinct areas;



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