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9 Ways to Improve Your Company's CRM System

Don't think of -- or use -- CRM as a standalone sales automation system.

"Too often, companies assume that CRM starts and stops with sales," says Glenn Burnside, executive vice president of Engineering at Headspring, a provider of tailored software solutions, including CRM.

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Bosses 'walking the walk' key to smooth technology adoption

By skimping on the change management process, companies run the risk of spending big on implementation, only to see their staff gradually return to less efficient ways of working.

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The Cat In The Hat Helps Bring Vodafone’s Customers Back

Vodafone enlists Bluewolf to execute its winning social media strategy.

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The merging of IT and marketing: what does it mean for marketers? – live Q&A

Join us and a panel of experts to discuss how technology is changing the role of marketers.

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4 Tips to Improve Email Data Quality

Take a proactive approach with your data: learn four steps to improve your data quality.

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Why Cloud Customers Should Pay For Value, Not Technology

Eric Berridge's disruptive blog calling for value-based pricing models for cloud customers is featured on Wired Innovation Insights.

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Rise Of The Customer Threatens The CMO Role

The CMO role is set to morph into “chief customer officer” as businesses use data and technology to create a deeper relationship with their customers.

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Companies Love Salesforce More Today than Yesterday, Report Claims

Report shows that customers are investing in four key areas: customer enagement, platform innovation, cloud governance, and people.

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Salesforce Survey Shows Current Customers Still King

Fox Small Business Center uses Bluewolf's State of Salesforce Report to highlight customer trends.



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